In the USA, ventilators transferred from Russia were disposed of

In March, Russia handed over 45 devices to the United States, but they were never used due to technical problems.

The US Federal Emergency Management Agency has disposed of 45 ventilators donated by Russia in March, BuzzFeed reported.

Then Russia, in response to a request from US President Donald Trump, sent 45 ventilators and other medical supplies in boxes labeled “From Russia with love.”

It is noted that the devices were distributed to hospitals in New York and New Jersey. However, they were not used to treat patients due to technical problems.

According to FEMA, the devices have been scrapped.

The use of Russian devices reportedly required special adapters that were not available in hospitals. And several models caught fire in Russian hospitals, after which their production was stopped.

The manufacturer of this equipment is on the US sanctions list.

As you know, the United States is the world leader in the incidence of coronavirus — almost 8.5 million cases of COVID-19 have been registered there.

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