In the Netherlands, dozens of participants of the illegal “COVID party” were fined

Police in the  Utrecht on Monday evening interrupted a party with at least 120 visitors.

This is reported by the TV and radio company NOS.

Eight organizers and 54 participants of the party, who could not be identified, were arrested and fined. The rest of the visitors were fined only for violating measures.

The illegal party was held in a business park. The police noticed many people in one of the hangars around 23.00 and began to monitor the situation.

“The hangar was full of people. There was a DJ, the music was loud and many people were dancing, ” a Utrecht police spokesman said.

When the police finished the party, many of those present fled, but they were intercepted by law enforcement officers who surrounded the hangar.

Then the visitors, who only received a penalty, were able to leave. The unidentified party-goers were taken by bus to the pre-trial detention facility in Houten. They were allowed to return home after presenting their passport or other identification.

In the Netherlands, strict restrictions continue to apply, in particular, the night curfew.

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