In Spain — the second night of quarantine bans protests, about 60 detainees

In Spain - the second night of quarantine bans protests

In Spain, for the second evening in a row, there were protests against quarantine bans, which turned into shop riots and fights with the police.

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This is reported by El Pais.

The main slogan was a protest against the curfew and spot “lockdowns” imposed to contain the coronavirus epidemic.

According to the newspaper, the “core” of the actions were ultra-right and anti-system groups. Unlike the previous night, when riots occurred in Barcelona and Burgos, the protests spread to several new cities-Madrid, Malaga, Logrono, Santander.

In Madrid, protesters overturned and set fire to several containers, and smashed the windows of some stores and banks. 32 people were detained.

The action with about 400 people in Logrono turned into a robbery of at least one store and a fight with the police, where six were detained.

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In Barcelona, employees of restaurants, beauty shops, gyms, and clubs were among the protesters. There were also clashes with the police, 12 people were detained.

In total, about 60 people were detained in the evening and night, and about 30 law enforcement officers were injured.

Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez condemned the protests. “We can only defeat the pandemic through unity and self-sacrifice … Violent and irrational behavior of a minority is unacceptable. This is not an option, “ he said.

Recall that on October 29, the Spanish government received the support of the Parliament in the decision to extend the state of emergency in connection with the coronavirus pandemic until May 9.

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