In Spain, the number of people infected with coronavirus exceeded 3 million

In on Tuesday, the number of confirmed  cases since the start of the epidemic topped 3 million.

Reported by Eldiario.

The Ministry of Health has reported 16,402 new cases of  infection. The total number of infected people since the beginning of the epidemic was 3,005,487 people.

Spain crossed the mark of 1 million infections on October 21, 2 million — just over a month ago, on January 7.

In addition, on Tuesday, Spain recorded the highest number of deaths per day since the first wave — 766. In total, 63,061 people have died since March, 1,689 of them in the last week.

At the end of January, the Spanish Ministry of Health confirmed that the first case of a South African strain of  had been detected in the country.

In January, Spain also backed “ passports” for travel recovery.

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