In Spain, COVID-19 recognized as an occupational disease of doctors

On February 2, the Spanish authorities approved the inclusion of in the list of occupational diseases of health workers, which will give doctors access to additional life-long social insurance benefits.

This is stated in the message of the General Council of Medical Associations of Spain.

The General Council of Medical Associations considers such a decision to be extremely important, since as of today, 118 thousand doctors have been infected in the country, and 107 doctors have died while performing their professional duties.

“This change will allow doctors to gain access to those benefits that are available to workers in other fields in connection with occupational diseases, which will provide compensation throughout the life of the doctor, regardless of when he faced the consequences or complications of COVID-19,” — noted In the organization.

Earlier, the infection of health workers with  in was attributed to unforeseen situations resulting from an industrial accident.

Recall that in the Spanish city of Lagartera, all residents of a nursing home contracted the  after being vaccinated with the Pfizer vaccine.

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