In Spain, all defendants in the case of the “Russian mafia” were released

In Spain, all four persons involved in the case of the “Russian mafia” who were in custody were released. This was reported by the High Court of Valencia.

Lawyer Alexei Shirokov, who, according to local media outlets, is the key person involved in the case, was also released. The released suspects were banned from leaving and their passports were confiscated.

In December last year, Spanish police arrested members of criminal gangs for money laundering. The funds were laundered through the purchase of the real estate, in particular discos and restaurants in Spain. Among the 23 detained persons, eight are Russians, two are Ukrainians, one is a citizen of Kazakhstan, and the rest are Spaniards. As a result, four people remained in prison.

The began in 2013. Then the Spanish police came to the conclusion that the Russian mafia has increased its activity in the country. It was alleged that members of the mafia used as a starting point to launder the money of criminal organizations from the countries of the former USSR, investing money from criminal activities around the world in business.

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