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In Slovakia, the head of the special service was detained for corruption

In Slovakia, the head of the information service (SIS) Vladimir Pcholinsky, who is suspected of corruption, was detained.

This is reported by Aktuality.

Pcholinsky on Thursday morning was detained by employees of the National Criminal Agency (NAKA) in the case of bribery of the leader of the Christian Democratic Movement Boris Kollar.

Pcholinsky was once a member of this party, although he previously stated that he left the movement in 2007 and no longer had anything to do with it.

The Slovak news service was handling the case of Kollar, who is accused of bribing judges, but, according to the anti-corruption agency, at the direction of the new head of Pcholinsky, they should have stopped this activity and did not investigate the Kollar case.

Pcholinsky was appointed to office in April 2020 by the new government. He was nominated for the post by the Are Family coalition party, and his wife and brother are included in the leadership of this political force and are one of its most active politicians.

At the end of October last year, the police arrested Kollar, and he is still in custody.

The Slovak Information Service (SIS) is a civilian intelligence and counterintelligence body.

Slovak media note that even in the past, Pcholinski often had information that ordinary people simply do not have access to.

Recall that the Slovak police, as part of an anti-corruption investigation, detained the oligarch Yaroslav Hashchak, the second on the list of the richest people in the country.

Gascak is a founding partner of the investment group Penta Investments, last year it estimated its assets at 11.2 billion euros. He was charged with corruption.

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