In Poland, the quarantine will be tightened from Saturday

The Polish government will tighten the quarantine in connection with the for the Catholic Easter holidays — from March 27 to April 10. This year, Easter in falls on April 4.

This was announced on Tuesday by Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki, RMF24 reports.

What exactly will change, the head of government promised to announce no later than Thursday, March 25.

“Around us, the Germans, the Czechs, other countries are introducing new restrictions, and we will also introduce some new restrictions for the next two weeks at the latest on Thursday, in order to suppress the virus again,” Morawiecki said.

He explained that the decision on specific restrictions will be made on the basis of several parameters: the number of hospitalized patients, the increase in infections, mortality, as well as based on the situation with the in neighboring countries.

Morawiecki warned that  “just in case, should prepare for more complex scenarios” and promised support for the hotel business, gastronomy and tourism.

Recall that the German authorities will extend a strict quarantine until April 18-negotiations on this are underway between Chancellor and the prime ministers of the federal states.

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