In Paris, there will be a “crown party” for five thousand people

In Paris, there will be a “crown party” for five thousand people

The rock concert will be experiment-the authorities want to check whether the virus is spreading under strict compliance with epidemiological restrictions

Following and Spain, will host a “COVID concert” for several thousand people — the authorities want to test the risk of spreading the  at such mass events.

This is reported by France Info.

The party will take place on May 29 in one of the halls in the east of Paris, where the popular French rock band Indochine will perform.

It is expected that up to 5 thousand volunteers will attend the concert and among the mandatory conditions-a negative PCR test for coronavirus, as well as a protective mask during the show.

They will pass the second test in a week, and after that, specialists will monitor their condition and compare them with 2.5 thousand viewers who will watch the concert on TV.

Recall that the first country to conduct such an experiment was  — in March, a concert of thousands of Love of Lesbians was held at one of the sports arenas in Barcelona. As it turned out, there was no serious  outbreak afterward.

And this month in Liverpool, Britain, for the first time in a year, a permitted concert was held, with guests allowed not to wear masks and not to keep a distance.

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