In Norway urged to abandon AstraZeneca and J&J vaccines

In Norway urged to abandon AstraZeneca and J&J vaccines

Norwegian experts have recommended that the government abandon the use of AstraZeneca and J&J vaccines. This is reported by the TV company NRK.

The Commission recommended that the use of AstraZeneca and Jonson & Jonson vaccines should be discontinued and that young people should be put on the waiting list for vaccination.

Previously, the use of these two vaccines was temporarily suspended until the decision of the expert group. Specialists studied all possible risks from the use of drugs and made their decision. Despite this, those who still wish to be vaccinated with these vaccines will be able to do so on a voluntary basis.

Earlier it became known that the European Commission (EC) decided not to extend the contract for the supply of the coronavirus  to AstraZeneca in the European Union (EU) for the second half of 2021, reports Reuters with reference to the European Commissioner for Internal Market Affairs Thierry Breton.

In April 2021, the EC filed a lawsuit against this company due to the non-fulfillment of the contract for pre-ordering the drug. In the first quarter, instead of the planned 120 million doses, AstraZeneca delivered only about 40 million, which led to the disruption of the schedule in a number of states in the first months of 2021.

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