In Myanmar, 83 people were killed in clashes during the day

In Myanmar, 83 people were killed in clashes between protesters and forces during the day. This is reported by the Association for Assistance to Political Prisoners in the country.

“As of April 10, 701 people have been confirmed dead at the hands of the military junta,” the report said.

A day earlier, human rights activists reported 618 dead. 3,102 people are under arrest, 63 have already been sentenced to prison, and 656 arrest warrants have also been issued.

On April 5, 568 deaths were reported.

Earlier, the warned about the danger of civil war in Myanmar.

On February 1, the Myanmar military conducted a coup. They explained the removal of the country’s leadership by large-scale fraud in the held in November. The police accused the ousted leadership of violating the laws. Myanmar has declared a state of emergency for a year.

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