In Moldova, a scandal broke out over the extraordinary COVID vaccination of officials

In Moldova, during the “VIP-vaccination”, employees of district executive committees were vaccinated. They allegedly paid 200-300 euros for the Pfizer vaccination.

In Moldova, a erupts over reports about the of officials out of turn. At the same time, the campaign to vaccinate health workers is delayed, writes NewsMaker.

The leader of the Party of Change Stefan Gligor in a social network, citing his sources, said that in some areas, “VIP vaccination” is allegedly taking place. Out of turn, Pfizer injections are given to district councilors from the Party of Socialists of ex-President Igor Dodon and their close associates.

According to Gligor, 200 doses of Pfizer’s coronavirus vaccine were delivered to the Edinet district last week.

“Of these, 100 were taken by the district council and vaccinated all the” bosses “-socialists, 40 doses were given for the,” said”, and 60 vaccines were left to doctors, who are now very outraged, “ Gligor quoted his source as saying.

Alla Nemerenko, adviser to the President of Moldova Maia Sandu on health issues, responded to this message. She confirmed that doctors who have signed up for complain to her, who cannot get vaccinated because the vaccines are allegedly given to “ other people for fraud or for money.”

Nesterenko added that the unofficial fee for the injection of Pfizer is, according to her information, 200-300 euros.

The head of the council of the Edinetsky district, a member of the Party of Socialists Nikolai Melnik confirmed that he was aware of the facts of vaccination without waiting lists — these are “employees of the district executive committee, council members from other parties or non-party, other mayors.”

The Ministry of Health of Moldova does not know about this situation.

Earlier, a over-vaccination broke out in Spain. The king’s sisters were vaccinated without waiting in line during their trip to the UAE, where they visited their father.

Also, a over illegal vaccinations of celebrities from COVID thundered in Poland. There, individuals received the vaccine under the guise of “ non-medical personnel working in the hospital.” The medical center faces a fine of about 67 thousand dollars.

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