In Italy, the number of victims of coronavirus exceeded 110 thousand

In Italy, more than 331 thousand tests for  were performed per day, which gave 21,932 positive results. Compared to Thursday, the number of detected cases of infection decreased by 1,717. This is stated in the bulletin of the Ministry of Health of the country for Friday.

The ratio of the number of tests performed to the number of positive results obtained, as well as the day before, was 6.6%. Cases of infection were detected in all regions of the country, but most of all-in Lombardy (3,941), Campania (2,057), Apulia (2,044), Piedmont (1,942), Lazio (1,918), Emilia-Romagna (1,830), and Veneto (1,567).

To date, the number of accurately identified carriers of  in is 565,295 (plus 0.32% per day). 28,704 people (minus 0.85%) were hospitalized with symptoms of the disease. 3,704 seriously ill patients (plus 0.62%) are being treated in intensive care units. Another 532,887 asymptomatic patients are quarantined or in-home self-isolation (plus 0.38%).

During the day, 19,620 people were recognized as recovered, while 481 fatal cases provoked by were registered. A total of 3,629,000 people were infected with the coronavirus during the pandemic, including 110,382 deaths and 2,953,377 recoveries.

According to Il Sole 24 Ore on the evening of April 2, 10,697,459 coronavirus vaccinations were made in Italy. The number of those who completed the full course of from two vaccinations reached 3,351,019, which corresponds to 5.62% of the country’s population.

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