In Italy, for the first time since April, the daily increase in COVID-19 is more than two thousand

The total number of infected in the country reached 317 409, 35 918 patients died, of which 24 per day.

Over the past day in Italy, 2,548 new cases of  infection were recorded. This is the highest figure since April 25. As reported on Thursday, October 1, the Ministry of Health of the republic, the infected were identified as a result of more than 118 thousand tests.

The last time in Italy, more than two thousand cases were recorded on April 29 – 2086.

Also, 24 deaths from were recorded per day. The total number of infected reached 317 409, 228 844 people were cured, 35 918 patients died.

It is noted that the largest number of infected people was found in the northern region of Veneto (445), in southern Campania (390), and in metropolitan Lazio (265).

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