In India, the third type of mold detected in patient after coronavirus

In India, the third type of mold detected in patient after coronavirus

The third type of fungal mold was discovered by Indian doctors in a patient in the state of Uttar Pradesh.

According to Dr. Tyaga, he found three types of mold in one of his patients — yellow, white, and black. The man was treated for two months for and has already started to recover, but suddenly one side of his face began to swell, which is why he could not close his eyes.

In addition, the patient started bleeding from the nose, and blood was found in the urine. The patient was hospitalized, and a medical examination revealed that he had a fungal infection.

As noted by doctors, fungal diseases can develop in people who are in contact with spores in the environment, or after the penetration of the fungus under the skin after a burn or through a scratch. The disease is especially dangerous for patients with diabetes and patients with reduced immunity.

Earlier, the Indian authorities reported that more than 8.8 thousand cases of the so-called black mold mucormycosis were detected in the country. This is a complication caused by a fungal infection. Several cases of aspergillosis, or “white mold,” have also been identified. A number of patients were infected with two types of fungus, but the yellow mold was encountered in humans for the first time.

Three types of fungus were found in the patient’s sinuses after endoscopy. Experts note that the yellow fungus is usually found in reptiles and it was first discovered in humans.

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