In Greece, Thousands of Students Protest Against Changes to Higher Education Law

Thousands of students in took to the streets in protest against plans to change the laws governing higher education, which will limit the length of time students can study at universities and introduce what many criticize as “university policing.”

This was reported by DPA.

Thousands of people gathered in front of the parliament in Athens on Thursday, chanting “resistance and struggle.” Demonstrators blocked traffic in Athens and Thessaloniki for several hours.

The law is aimed at students who stay at the university for many years longer than the period allowed for their degree.

In the future, they will be dismissed if they study more than one and a half times the prescribed period.

According to Greek media estimates, this change will affect 235,000 students, more than the 190,000 students who attend university during the standard time period.

Exceptions are possible, for example, for those who can prove that they work in parallel with their studies.

Many also resent the prospect of a “university police” to be introduced after periodic and drug-related crimes, especially at the University of Athens.

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