In Greece, protests erupted against police brutality

In Greece, in the suburbs of Athens, there were massive clashes between demonstrators and law enforcement officers. It is known about three victims, they are policemen. One of them, a young policeman, is in the hospital.

Demonstrations against police brutality have continued since the beginning of the week. There are approximately five to ten thousand participants. Down with the police from our outskirts — people shouted during the action.

Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis has already commented on the situation.

“This should be the last footage of violence that we saw today in Athens. The life of one of the citizens, a young policeman, should bring us to our senses. At such moments, calm and composure should prevail. Blind rage leads nowhere,” he said.

The case — when a local resident got under the batons of the police — the police promised to investigate as early as Monday. At the same time, they will tackle the causes of aggressive protesters.

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