In Greece protests against an education law

Protesters clashed with police in Athens and Thessaloniki on Thursday during two marches to protest a government bill that would change the higher education system.

This is reported by Ekathimerini.

A group of protesters threw “Molotov cocktails” in the direction of the special forces outside the parliament building, they responded with tear . Another group of protesters poured red paint on the Bank of building.

In Thessaloniki, anarchists threw stones and “Molotov cocktails” towards a special forces unit that used tear gas. According to media reports, there are detainees as a result of the clashes.

Demonstrators, which include university students, as well as teacher and parent unions, want the Education Department to remember a number of provisions included in its bill, such as plans to create a task force to support student campuses.

The demonstrators also opposed the introduction of minimum admission requirements and maximum periods for students to receive diplomas.

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