In Germany, three obstacles were named for the launch of the Nord Stream 2

In Germany, three obstacles were named for the launch of the Nord Stream 2

The journalist of the German newspaper Wirtschaftswoche, Florian Gysgen, listed three obstacles to the launch of the Nord Stream 2 pipeline.

Gustin claims that the completion of the construction of the pipeline, together with the record cost of gas in Europe, is a victory for Moscow in the “gas chess”.

At the same time, the journalist believes that there are still reasons that may prevent the launch of the Nord Stream 2.

“The first is the certification process. It is carried out in the Federal Network Agency, which is subordinate to the Ministry of Economy (FRG). Before certification, the agency should exclude the possibility that the pipeline threatens the security of gas supplies to Germany and Europe,” Gustin says.

The second obstacle he called the legislation, in which there is a directive on the market. It assumes that one company cannot simultaneously manage a gas pipeline and supply a natural resource through it. It is noted that Gazprom will challenge the actions of EU legislation, which may last until next year.

The third obstacle to the launch may be the entry of members of the Green Party into the German government after the upcoming elections, Gustin believes. The journalist claims that they are categorically against the pipeline, which may affect its further commissioning.

Earlier, a representative of the Stralsund Mining Department said that Germany has not yet received the necessary documents for both lines of the Nord Stream 2, which are necessary for issuing a permit for receiving Russian gas.

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