In Germany, opponents of quarantine were dispersed with water cannon

Quarantine in Germany will last at least until the end of autumn. These measures are necessary to avoid the collapse of the German health care system, Merkel said.

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German police used water cannons to disperse opponents of the anti-quarantine demonstration in Frankfurt am Main. This was announced on Saturday, November 14, by the press service of the city’s law enforcement agencies.

Hundreds of protesters protesting against restrictions on public life are reported to have gathered in the city center.

According to law enforcement officers, both those who oppose the introduction of restrictive measures in the country and those who support them took part in the rally that day.

“The police officers did their best to prevent clashes between the two groups of protesters, but they had to use water cannons and batons against the ‘left’,” German law enforcement officials said.

According to the police, there were attacks on law enforcement officers. In addition, they “neglected measures to prevent the spread of the virus: they did not observe social distance and did not wear protective masks.”

The police demanded to end the action and urged people to disperse, threatening to use water cannons in case of disobedience. However, the activists did not obey the demands.

“I had to use a water cannon to clear the area,” the law enforcement officers explained.

Germany is in 13th place in terms of the number of people infected with the coronavirus. In the country for the entire time of the pandemic, more than 788 thousand cases of infection were detected, of which 12.4 thousand citizens died. In the world, the total number of cases of COVID-19 is 53.7 million people, 1.3 million died, 34.5 million were recovered.

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