In Germany, a scandal erupted after the proposal of privileges for the vaccinated

The words of German Foreign Minister Heiko Maas on the proposal to provide privileges for those vaccinated against the  caused a major in the country.

For example, the head of the agency in an interview suggested returning “basic rights” to vaccinated citizens, because “if only vaccinated people gather in a restaurant or movie, they can no longer pose a danger to each other.

In response, the head of the Patient Protection Foundation, Eugen Brysch, said that the minister was “stirring up a pseudo-discussion about privileges for vaccinated persons. According to him, there is no fully confirmed data in the world to guarantee complete protection against COVID-19 infection after vaccination. The country’s Ministry of Health agreed with his statement.

Citizens also criticized Maas’s proposal on social networks. The users stressed that such a decision will allow dividing German society into two camps: people who have “privileges” and “second class” without advantages.

In all, more than 95 million people have been reported sick since the pandemic began, more than 67.8 million people have recovered and more than 2 million patients have died.

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