In France, seasonal workers block the road demanding the opening of ski resorts

In the French department of Savoie, more than a hundred seasonal workers have erected a barricade on the road, blocking the entrance to the tunnel connecting with Italy.

BFMTV reported.

According to the organizers of the action, in order to avoid a social catastrophe, the government of the Valley will allow people to ski and increase assistance to seasonal workers. Recall that ski resorts in remain closed in February.

The protesters are demanding a conversation with President Emmanuel Macron, and that seasonal workers should be eligible for the same unemployment benefits as permanent resort employees.

Hundreds of thousands of seasonal workers are employed in the hotel and restaurant business in ski resorts. Now they are out of work.

The protesters blocked the road for several tens of minutes but lifted the blockade at the request of the gendarmes.

Prime Minister Jean Castex is scheduled to meet Monday afternoon with ski resorts awaiting an announcement of support for the sector.

In France, several restaurateurs have reportedly agreed to open to draw government attention to their situation; the government promises them punishment for this format of the action.

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