In France, police detained 35 protesters

In France, the police on Saturday, January 30, detained 35 protesters against the global law. This was announced by the BFM TV channel with reference to the country’s Interior Ministry.

The largest number of arrests took place in Paris — 25. In total, according to the channel, 32,770 people took part in the protest actions, of which 5050 were in the French capital. Two police officers received minor injuries.

Earlier in Paris, at Place de la Republique, after protesters began throwing bottles and other objects at police, law enforcement officers used water cannons against them.

Similar promotions were also held at the end of December 2020. The protesters lit flares and shone powerful laser pointers at the police to blind them. Some also set fire to cars, smashed the windows of buildings, covered them with paint, and knocked down CCTV cameras.

The bill “On global security” provides that for the dissemination of the image of a “face or another element of identification” of a policeman or gendarme “with the obvious purpose of causing harm to their physical or mental integrity” will face a year in prison and a fine of €45,000.

At the end of November, the French National Assembly adopted the draft of this law in the first reading. Protesters fear that after the adoption of the amendments to the law, they will not be able to freely film police work during and at rallies.

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