In France, for the seventh Saturday in a row, protests against «health passports»

In France, for the seventh Saturday in a row, protests against «health passports»

Rallies against the requirement of COVID certificates for access to a number of services, as well as against compulsory vaccinations for doctors, for the seventh Saturday in a row, gathered thousands of people in dozens of cities in France.

This is reported by BFMTV.

Four actions are organized in Paris, and in the whole country — more than 200.

One of the Paris demonstrations was again gathered by the far-right politician Florian Filippo, leader of the “Patriots” party and former associate of Marine Le Pen.

Two more are gathered by activists close to the “yellow vests,” Sophie Tissier and Sebastien Philippaud. At all four as a whole expect 12-20 thousand people, an estimate of the actual number of participants has not yet been given.

In Marseille, the police estimate that about 3,000 people showed up for the demonstration, up from 4,000 last week.

Actions are also taking place in Montpellier, Toulouse, Nice, and many smaller towns.

At the moment, only incidents are known to have occurred in Toulouse, where tear gas was used against the demonstrators.

Last Saturday, the Interior Ministry estimates that the drew about 175,500 people. This is down from about 215,000 on August 14 and 237,000 the week before.

Recall that the French parliament approved a law requiring the presentation of a COVID “health passport” in restaurants and for domestic travel in the country, as well as obliging all medical personnel to be vaccinated. President and the government consider these steps necessary to protect vulnerable groups and avoid a new lockdown.

Opinion polls show that a majority of French people support this decision and disapprove of the protests.

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