In France, an unknown shot at an Orthodox priest

In France, an unknown shot at an Orthodox priest

In Lyon, several shots were fired at a Greek church. Reported by the Le Progres website on October 31.

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One wounded man was evacuated to the hospital. According to the newspaper, this is a Greek Orthodox priest who said that he did not know the attacker. The offender has disappeared, his search is underway.

Police and military forces have been pulled into place, the perimeter is cordoned off.

An unknown person attacked a priest in Lyon when he was locking up his church, local publications specify.

Let us remind you that did not have time to recover from the terrible murder of a teacher in the suburbs of Paris when the country was stirred up by a new terrorist attack: an armed man attacked one of the churches of Nice and killed a man. On the morning of October 29, a man with a cold weapon burst into the Notre Dame de Nice Basilica, which is located in the very center of Nice, and killed a man and a woman. Another person was injured and died outside the church. He himself was wounded by the arriving gendarmes and hospitalized.

French President Emmanuel Macron called it an “Islamic terrorist attack” and said the country was in danger. Because of the attack, a maximum level of the terrorist threat was declared in the country, and up to 7,000 troops will be taken out into the streets to maintain security.

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