In Canada, coyotes attack people because of drugs

In Canada, coyotes attack people because of drugs

In Canada, there have been more frequent cases of coyote attacks on people. They are connected with the fact that animals eat drugs that people give them, writes the American magazine Outdoor Life.

It is reported that 30 aggressive coyote attacks have already been committed in a few months.

At the same time, there are especially many incidents with their participation in the Stanley Park in Vancouver. So, over the past few days, three attacks of predators on people have been registered. Several of them were caught and killed by officials.

As Alexandra Shelley, a lecturer at the University of Calgary and a coyote specialist told CTV Morning Live, the Stanley Park coyotes are so aggressive for several reasons.

According to her, the animals are being displaced from their usual habitats by shelters for the homeless.

The expert noted that all the cases of coyote attacks that she studied included animals that were fed by people or those who were forced to eat human food. This reduces the coyote’s usual fear of humans, she pointed out.

“The behavior of some of these coyotes suggests that they used toxins or drugs, possibly opioids. There are also some signs of possible mistreatment of these animals, “ the teacher said.

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