In Brussels, cafes, and bars close for a month because of coronavirus

Authorities of Brussels decided to close cafes and bars in the city from October 8 for one month as part of measures to fight against the pandemic. This was reported to journalists on Wednesday by capital burgomasters following the results of the meeting of the Security Council.

At the same time, according to them, restaurants remain open if the established measures are observed. Thus, they can work only until 23:00, and a maximum of four people can sit at one table.

Earlier on Tuesday, the Belgian authorities decided to strengthen measures to combat coronavirus, because the situation in the country is difficult. Thus, it was decided to reduce “close contacts” from five to three people per month. Close contact means interaction with another person at a distance of fewer than 1.5 meters without a mask. At home, Belgians are allowed to receive no more than four people.

In addition, employers are strongly encouraged to transfer their employees to remote work. The measures come into force on October 9.

In Belgium, the mask regime is obligatory in all closed public premises and transport. In the street, it is obligatory to wear in public places where it is impossible to observe the social distance. The exact list of areas where masks are mandatory outdoors is provided by local authorities, usually shopping streets and busy transportation hubs.

Since the beginning of the pandemic, the country has registered a total of more than 130,000 cases of infection, which exceeds 10% of the country’s population (11.5 million people). Over 10,000 people have died.

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