In Argentina, a scandal over the extraordinary vaccination of officials

In Argentina, the head of the Ministry of Health, Inez Gonzalez Garcia, announced his resignation due to the with the extraordinary of officials and politicians.

The official wrote about his resignation in a letter to the president of the country, Alberto Fernandez, published on Twitter.

“With this statement, as you requested, I am resigning my position as Minister of Health,” the letter reads.

According to the Press Center, Garcia previously said that in Argentina, people who are in priority groups are vaccinated, and the is just a “misunderstanding”.

It should be noted that the Argentine journalist Horatio Verbitsky said that he was able to get vaccinated against the  after he asked for help from “his old friend Guinness”.

The Clarin newspaper wrote that, in addition to the journalist, several Argentine lawmakers and officials were unscheduled vaccinated.

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