Iceland opens borders for vaccinated

People who have completed the full course of the coronavirus  will be allowed to enter Iceland.

This was announced on March 16 by the press service of the Icelandic government.

Previously, only citizens of countries — members of the European Union or the European Economic Area could freely enter this country. Now all foreigners who provide:

— document on complete immunization with a certified by the European Medicines Agency;

— proof that the person has had COVID-19.

“The decision to apply border relief for vaccinated persons in non-EU / EEA countries is a logical continuation of our current policy,” said Icelandic Prime Minister Katrin Jakobsdottir, noting that travel is of great importance to culture, trade, and entrepreneurship.

The new rules come into force on March 18, and from May 1, Reykjavik is introducing the so-called color-coded risk assessment at the border. After that, citizens from “green” and “yellow” countries (with a low level of risk) will be exempted from quarantine measures, provided they have a negative PCR test for coronavirus.

For everyone else, the same rules will apply: passing the test, then a five-day quarantine, and passing the second test.

Iceland has passed the coronavirus  — now there is not a single hospitalized with in the country, but 30 people are in self-isolation with confirmed infection, and 24 are in quarantine due to suspicions of infection.

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