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Hugh Grant lost $20 million due to an accidental connection

The British actor has barely regained his reputation after a loud juicy scandal. Because of a casual relationship, 60-year-old Hugh Grant almost put an end to his career.

The artist became famous for his roles as incorrigible romantics and conquerors of women’s hearts in comedies and melodramas. However, the reputation of a real gentleman and a movie king in real life was not so impeccable. The infamous fact of Hugh’s biography was told by the popular Hollywood screenwriter Steve Mazur.

“Few people know that the main role in the film “Liar, Liar” was supposed to be played by Hugh Grant. Then he starred in the film “Four Weddings and a Funeral”. We were negotiating with Grant. Hugh, instead of flying to London to continue filming, stayed in Los Angeles to discuss the details with us, “ Mazur said.

The occurred in the summer of 1995. Hugh decided to relax and have fun before the important negotiations. The police caught the actor at the moment when he was engaged in oral sex with a young black prostitute. And they did it in a car on busy Sunset Boulevard in Hollywood. As a result, the British heartthrob was arrested for disorderly conduct. He didn’t make it to the meeting. So the role went to Jim Carrey.

The actor who got the comic characters, pretty tired of it and wanted to change the role. At that time, Jim was offered the role of Dr. Evil in the film “Austin Powers: The Mystery Man”. But there he was promised six million dollars. In the end, he chose “Liar, liar”, asking for a fee of $20 million.

As it turned out, Kerry was right. For this role, he received several prestigious awards and was nominated for a Golden Globe. But Hugh had lost both his job and his money because of a passing affair with a priestess of love. Steve explained that many directors and producers refused to cooperate with Grant for some time. Only with incredible efforts, the British actor managed to restore the tarnished image and start acting again.

Earlier it was reported that the popular artist and inveterate bachelor married the mother of his children Anna Eberstein. Hugh survived a nasty robbery when his car was broken into. The actor gave up on the values and asked to return only the script of the new film. Grant told what prompted him to betray Elizabeth Hurley. It turned out that in this way he was trying to get out of a deep depression.

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