Germany in 2020 overtook the USA in the number of electric vehicles sold

ZSW data indicate that in 2020, 395 thousand electric vehicles, as well as hybrid vehicles, were sold to customers in Germany. At the same time, 322 thousand cars of this type were sold in the USA. Other countries were unable to overcome the level of 200 thousand.

For example, in and the UK, sales amounted to 195 and 175 thousand units, respectively. Global sales of this vehicle category jumped 38% in 2020.

remains the leader in terms of sales. However, in the past year, the Chinese market for electric vehicles and hybrid vehicles showed modest growth. It was only 3%.

Tesla became the world leader in terms of sales. German automakers Volkswagen and BMW took 2nd and 4th places. By the end of last year, the total number of electric vehicles and hybrids worldwide had reached 10.9 million. has 5 million of these machines. In the United States, there are significantly fewer of them — 1.8 million. There are 569,000 registered hybrid and electric vehicles in Germany.

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