Germany has closed its airspace to aircraft from Russia

Germany has closed its airspace to aircraft from Russia

Earlier, the German airline Lufthansa was forced to cancel flights bypassing Belarus due to the lack of permission from the Russian authorities

Germany has previously closed its airspace to aircraft of such Russian airlines as Aeroflot and S7. The corresponding decision was made due to the cancellation of flights of the German airline Lufthansa to Russia due to the lack of permission from Moscow.

This is stated in the official response of the Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure of Germany, reports DW.

The German ministry explained that German airspace will be reopened for Russian airlines as soon as the Russian Federation issues a permit for Lufthansa flights.

A few hours earlier, Lufthansa had to cancel its scheduled flights from Frankfurt am Main to Moscow and back and from Frankfurt to St. Petersburg and back on June 2 “due to the lack of coordination with the authorities” of Russia.

“We have informed the passengers and, of course, we regret the inconvenience caused,” a company representative said.

The flights were supposed to be performed bypassing the Belarusian airspace.

Recall that on May 27, after many countries and airlines refused to fly through Belarusian airspace, Russia banned planes that fly around Belarus from entering its space. Then flights to Moscow from Vienna and Paris were canceled.

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