Germany detects an increase in illegal migration from Belarus

Germany detects an increase in illegal migration from Belarus

German security structures have been registering the increase in the number of illegal immigrants, coming into the country from Belarus, for the last few weeks.

This is reported by DW.

Since the beginning of the year, the German police recorded about 250 cases of illegal entry of persons from the territory of Belarus, almost all of which involved citizens of Iraq.

In many cases, the illegal immigrants found themselves in with the help of smugglers. Some reported that the people who had brought them to Germany filmed them on arrival and forced them to say in English: “I am in Germany. Other asylum seekers said they were asked to take selfies upon arrival in Germany.

German defense authorities speculate that this could be used by smuggling gangs as “advertising” and also serve as permission to pay the balance of the smuggling illegals.

Most illegal migrants who have entered Lithuania, Latvia, or from do not plan to stay there. Their ultimate destination appears to be  — “already at the expense of the number of Iraqi citizens living here, which is much higher than in other European countries,” German security structures note.

So far, 220,778 Iraqi citizens are officially registered in and 25,896 in Sweden. In addition, in 2020 and 2021 in the European Union, most Iraqi asylum requests were made in Germany.

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