Germans blocked Tesla’s path to Europe

The Germans opposed the construction of a Tesla electric car plant in and blocked Elon Musk’s path to Europe. Bloomberg writes about it.

This is an enterprise that is being built in the German region of Brandenburg. It should become the first plant of an American manufacturer in Europe and begin producing electric vehicles in the summer of 2021. However, the project faced resistance from local residents and environmentalists, who filed over 400 complaints against Tesla.

They are unhappy with the prospect of an increase in freight traffic, large-scale deforestation to clear the construction site, and also express concerns about the reduction of water resources due to a large enterprise nearby. Locals say the region is already experiencing water shortages amid droughts.

On Wednesday, September 23, the local municipality began hearings on complaints about the Tesla project, which involves local residents, representatives of the company, and the departments responsible for the environment and water resources. Hearings are required for final approval of the plant design. If Tesla does not receive permission, the company will have to curtail construction and dismantle already installed structures.

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