German police warned about fake “vaccination passports”

German police warned about fake “vaccination passports”

German police have warned that criminals have already started selling illegal documents that allegedly prove vaccinations against COVID-19, and the problem looks set to grow.

This is reported by DW.

The warning comes after Germany lifted certain requirements for people who have been vaccinated against the coronavirus or recovered from an illness.

Police are warning that potentially infected individuals may use fakes to avoid travel or gain access to certain services that otherwise require negative tests for the coronavirus.

“The problem exists today and will continue to be a problem for some time to come, as full will be associated either with the exemption from basic rights restrictions or with the benefits of entry or exit,” said Sebastian Fiedler, chairman of the Federation of German Detectives (BDK).

Fiedler said that the problem posed to law enforcement agencies was not taken into account when politicians introduced allowances for a part of the population.

“I consider the problem of fake passports to be a typical example of a new phenomenon that could have been easily predicted,” he said.

Recall that from May 13, fully vaccinated with EU-approved vaccines BioNTech / Pfizer, Moderna, AstraZeneca, and Johnson & Johnson, as well as those who have suffered a coronavirus infection, no longer have to go to and take a test upon arrival in Germany.

The European Commission has proposed that EU member states relax the existing restrictions on entry to the EU for non-essential travel, primarily tourism, given the progress in vaccination campaigns and the development of the epidemiological situation around the world.

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