G7 summit to adopt a declaration on combating pandemics

G7 summit to adopt a declaration on combating pandemics

The leaders of the G7 countries will adopt a joint declaration on the joint fight against possible new pandemics, the press service of British Prime Minister reports.

It is reported that the document will be called the “Carbis Bay Declaration” at the venue of the summit of the heads of the “Big Seven” countries. At the same time, discussions on combating pandemics will be attended not only by G7 members but also by the guests of the summit-the heads of Australia, India, South Korea, and the Republic of South Africa.

It is expected that the text of the declaration will be published on the last day of the summit — June 13. The plan to combat pandemics will be based on the recommendations developed by the authorities and the provisions developed during the discussions. According to preliminary data, the plan will include measures to reduce the time to create drugs, expand the ability to work with the genome, as well as WHO reforms.

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