French business confidence index rose to 98 points in January

Despite the difficult epidemiological situation, has seen an increase in business confidence in the country’s economy. This is evidenced by the data published on Thursday by the statutory administration.

The index rose to 98 points in January. In December, it was at 94 points. Analysts had expected the index to be unchanged in January and remain at the level of December.

The index assessing the forecast for total output dropped to minus 9 points from its December level of minus 5 points. At the same time, the index relating to own production showed an increase by 2 points to 7 points.

The indicator of confidence in the economy, calculated for the services sector, increased in January to 91 points. In wholesale trade, it rose by 8 points to 94 points. In retail trade, it decreased by 1 point to 93 points.

The historic low for the index of confidence of French businessmen was recorded in April last year.

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