France under siege of terror: thousands of soldiers will be taken to the streets

The authorities are going to oppose the terrorists with firmness and unity

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Against the backdrop of a in Nice, where a triple murder in a church took place this morning, additional measures are being introduced in France.

French President Emmanuel Macron, who arrived in Nice, announced this on October 29, Nice-Matin reports.

He said that the country was attacked by “Islamic terrorists” and now France is in danger.

“If we are attacked, it is because of our values, our freedom, and our desire not to succumb to terror,” Macron said, calling on “firmness and unity” to oppose terrorists.

In this regard, at tomorrow’s meeting of the Defense Council, a decision will be made to strengthen the protection of schools and places of worship. In addition, an anti-terrorist operation “Sentinelle” was announced, during which 3-7 thousand soldiers are mobilized in the country.

Recall that on the morning of October 29, a man with a cold weapon burst into the Roman Catholic Cathedral of Notre Dame de Nice and killed a man and a woman. Another person was injured and died outside the church.

Since then, attacks have taken place in the city of Avignon in the southeast of the country and in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, where a man wounded a guard at the French embassy. Two more attacks, in Lyon and in the suburbs of Paris, were prevented.

It is assumed that the cause of the incident may be the reaction of the French authorities to the murder of a student Islamist teacher Samuel Pati.

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