France to extend curfew to eight more departments

plans to extend the curfew to eight more departments.

This was announced by French Prime Minister Jean Castex, citing a “tough and necessary” response amid against restrictions in certain cities, The Local reported.

is stepping up its anti-virus restrictions in the wake of an increase in cases. After the holidays, a 6 p.m. curfew was imposed in 15 of 101 departments, with curfews starting at 8 p.m. in the remaining departments.

The new departments likely to fall under the expanded curfew are mostly in the east, including the Lower Rhine, Upper Rhine and Coast, and the central Cher district.

“Everyone understands that the epidemic is not abating, even the opposite — it’s intensifying in some areas,” Castex said.

He also defended the government’s vaccine distribution strategy.

Opinion polls show that about half of the French population is skeptical about  — their opposition is much higher than in neighboring countries.

Health Minister Olivier Veran emphasized that will increase vaccination rates in the coming week.

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