France: protests after the announcement of the verdict in the murder of a Jewish woman

France: protests after the announcement of the verdict in the murder of a Jewish woman

In France, about 25 thousand people took part in against the decision of the Court of Cassation, which confirmed the incapacity of a criminal who killed his Jewish neighbor four years ago. The criminal was declared insane due to psychosis caused by the use of cannabis and alcohol — and must go to a psychiatric clinic for a minimum of 20 years. The European press is on the side of the demonstrators.

Smoke weed — and the law is on your side!

So what does it mean — now there is an indulgence for the murder of Jews? — publicist Petre Iancu asks on the website of the Romanian edition of Deutsche Welle:

“We can conclude that it is enough just to refer to the fact that you smoke weed — and you can calmly kill Jews, without fear of being brought to justice, without fear of criminal punishment, without fear of prison time. And the fact that the French Court of Cassation confirmed this outrageous verdict is a problem-both for France and for the whole of Europe. … As the lawyer of the Alimi family, Francis Spiner, rightly pointed out, when the driver of a car becomes the culprit of the death of a pedestrian, the fact that he was in a state of drug intoxication is regarded as an aggravating circumstance — but not at all mitigating.”

Trust lost

In an article in Le Point, Arie Benzemoun, head of the French branch of the NGO Elnet, which promotes ties between European countries and Israel, welcomes the protests:

“This moral and judicial fiasco seems to have awakened the conscience of our non-Jewish fellow citizens. … The Jews are no longer alone! But France is alone, alone with all its denial, its betrayal of values, its indecision, its cowardice — and its shameful concessions. The country faces the most difficult task to get back on the right track and raise its head high — in order to continue to be a guiding beacon for peoples and nations. … France, which today decided not to punish the murderer of Sarah Alimi, betrays our faith in the republic. This France makes us feel deeply perplexed — and increases the pain of knowing that we have been left to fend for ourselves.”

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