Fires in the south of France: 8000 hectares burned

Fires in the south of France: 8000 hectares burned

The forest fires in the south of France, where since Monday evening the fire has destroyed 8100 hectares.

This was reported by BFMTV.

On Thursday, the spread of the flames slowed down, but there remain high risks of reignition due to the dry, hot weather. During the second half of the day, the fire broke out again in five locations, fueled by strong winds. By evening, these hotspots were extinguished.

The prefecture report that over the past day to fight the fire involved 1200 people, 250 vehicles, and air equipment. Recently 116 fire brigades from the northern regions were brought to their aid. The total length of the fire front is 80 kilometers.

The local gendarmerie announced a search for witnesses to the circumstances of the start of the fire in the Gonfaron area. Almost immediately, the concluded that the fire was caused by human error.

The consequences of the fire have already been called “dramatic” through the two-loss of life and damage to flora and fauna — much of the devastated area is part of the Mohr Valley Reserve. Volunteers are searching for surviving animals who can be helped.

“This is a disaster … There are 241 protected species living here, including the famous Hermann’s tortoise (the French name for the Balkan tortoise), because of whose presence this area was declared a reserve,” said Marie-Claude Serra, a representative of the reserve administration.

At the same time, people are asked not to pick up turtles that do not look damaged by the flames.

So far, has managed to avoid major fires, unlike some other Mediterranean countries.

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