Facebook to revoke privileges for politicians when posting messages on social networks

Facebook to revoke privileges for politicians when posting messages on social networks

plans to deprive political figures of privileges when publishing messages on its social networks. This is reported by The Verge.

According to the publication, the change, which is going to announce on Friday, June 4, is due to the restriction of access to the former US President in the social network.

Instagram Facebook’s oversight board backed a decision in early May to block Trump’s access to and Instagram accounts after the Republican supporters stormed the Capitol in January. The Board recommended that the company decide within six months whether to keep the ban in force. The company’s management was also asked not to draw a clear line between prominent politicians and other influential users during moderation.

The portal emphasizes that the management of in recent years adhered to the principle of non-interference when it came to the publications of politicians. The head of the social network Mark Zuckerberg previously admitted that in some cases, the administrators of the social network did not take any measures against publications that violate the rules, because they believed that they were of interest to the public, however, he promised to partially abandon this practice in the future.

The publication notes that the policy of non-interference faced criticism from users when Trump used Facebook for provocations after the murder of African-American George Floyd and then praised his supporters for storming the Capitol. In India, Facebook’s largest country by a number of users, the company has been criticized for not taking action against violent comments from the ruling party.

Earlier, Trump called it an” absolute disgrace “and” humiliation ” to block his pages on social networks. Facebook Instagram, Twitter, Instagram, Twitch, and Snapchat accounts were blocked in January of this year after the Capitol was stormed by its supporters.

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