Eva Mendes about returning to the cinema after a six-year break…

For six years now, Eva Mendes has not appeared in the cinema. After the birth of her eldest daughter Esmeralda, she put her career on pause. The last work in the film Mendes was the directorial debut of her beloved Ryan Gosling, “How to catch a monster”: the picture was released in 2014. After that, Eva managed to become a mother once again and devoted herself entirely to the education of her daughters.

However, in a recent interview with Sydney Morning Herald Mendes hinted that in the near future she is ready to return to work. The 46-year-old actress confessed that she was happy to be able to spend all these six years not even thinking about her career and watching her daughters grow up. Now six-year-old Esmeralda and four-year-old Amanda have grown up enough, and Eva began to think about returning to her favorite cause.

It seems to me that my ambitions did not go anywhere; they just turned over to raising children. I applaud women who can combine work and care for babies, but I am not one of them. Fortunately, I have an opportunity not to work and I understand how lucky I am that I have this choice at all. I have been happy for all these six years to devote myself completely to children. But now, when one daughter is six and the other four, I start to feel that my ambitions about work are coming back,

— Eva shared in a conversation with journalists.

In the conversation with journalists, Mendes also told how she and 39-year-old Ryan Gosling cope with the education of two active daughters. According to the actress, he and his beloved sometimes have a very difficult time.

Sometimes we feel like employees of a hotel where the girls are drunk, aggressive, and bossy guests who demand that we bring them food. When they fall asleep, all we have to do is to wash up and discuss how they treated us that day,

— Mendes told with a smile.

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