European Union admits Taliban won the war in Afghanistan

European Union admits Taliban won the war in Afghanistan

High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Policy Josep Borrel said that the recognized the victory of the Taliban movement in the war in Afghanistan.

He noted that the does not recognize the new government in Afghanistan.

“The Taliban won the war, so we have to talk to the new authorities in Kabul, whoever they are, to prevent migration and humanitarian crises. It’s about dialogue, not recognition of Taliban power,” Borrel said.

Earlier, the Taliban stated that they have the right to introduce Islamic laws on the territory of Afghanistan.

On August 15, the Taliban announced that they had taken control of all of Afghanistan. Its representatives took control of the state television in Kabul and in their address called on citizens to calm down.

In Kabul, thousands of people took refuge at the airport, trying to get out of the country. Several people died — due to crushing or trying to fly away on the landing gear of U.S. Air Force planes.

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