Europe is “split” over the supply of «Sputnik V»

In Europe, there was a split over the supply of the Russian vaccine “Sputnik V”. Some countries see it only as a plus, while others oppose taking the drug from Russia. The supply friction may be resolved soon.

The split was reported by Le Monde newspaper. It is noted that the approving words addressed to Sputnik V are expressed primarily by Germany. is not taking action on the acquisition of Sputnik V.

France is actively opposed to the purchase of the vaccine. The country’s Foreign minister, Jean-Yves Le Drian, said that Sputnik V is “a means of propaganda and aggressive diplomacy.” No interest in the vaccine was shown in Poland.

Sources of the publication claim that in the near future the European Commission will enter into negotiations with the Russian Direct Investment Fund on the supply of the drug.

Earlier, Russian President Vladimir Putin, commenting on the statement of the commission’s representatives about the uselessness of Sputnik V, said that “ nothing is imposed on anyone.”

In March, Germany called on Europe to centrally purchase a vaccine developed in Russia.

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