EU removes six countries from the list of allowed states for travel

EU removes six countries from the list of allowed states for travel

The European Union has excluded six states from the list of countries and territories where optional travel is allowed in the context of the coronavirus pandemic. This was reported in the Council on Thursday, September 9.

— The Council has updated the list of countries and territories for which travel restrictions should be temporarily lifted. In particular, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Albania, Serbia, Brunei, and Japan are excluded from this list. Optional travel to states not included in this list is temporarily restricted, the message says.

The department also added Uruguay to the list. The last updated the list on August 30, when six countries were excluded from it, including the United States.

Optional trips from Europe are possible to Ukraine, Moldova, New Zealand, Canada, Australia, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Singapore, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Qatar, South Korea, as well as to Uruguay, according to the website of the Council.

On September 9, it was reported that the administration of US President Joe Biden has scheduled an international on the coronavirus pandemic response and global vaccination efforts. Washington has already notified some countries of its plans but has not yet issued formal invitations.

They want to time the to the meetings of the UN General Assembly, scheduled for the penultimate week of September. It is noted that the event will include discussions that are aimed at improving coordination in the fight against COVID-19 in the world in a number of areas.

It is planned to discuss ways to improve the production and distribution of vaccines and increase the supply of oxygen to countries in need, as well as the possibility of international cooperation in research and development related to coronavirus.

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