EU conducts cybersecurity exercises

The countries and organizations of the European Union are training to interact within the framework of a new communication network for countering cyber crises (CyCLONe).

On Tuesday, September 29, EU countries, the EU Cybersecurity Agency (ENISA), and the European Commission began joint cybersecurity exercises, according to the website of the European Commission.

It is noted that the main goal of the exercise is to work out interaction within the new communication network of organizations to counter cyber crises (CyCLONe).

“The new Cyber Crisis Communication Network is the result of excellent collaboration between EU countries and European institutions in the effort to the cyber defense of our networks and critical systems.

Cybersecurity is a shared responsibility, so we must jointly develop and implement plans for a quick common response in the event of large-scale cyber incidents or crises, ” said Terry Breton, European Commissioner for Internal Market Affairs.

It is reported that the main task of the overall training organized by the Netherlands in cooperation with ENISA is to develop operational procedures and test the resilience of European cybernetic systems. In a cyber crisis, national cyber defense authorities must be able to quickly make decisions at all levels and coordinate them with each other. The new CyCLONe (Cyber Crisis Liaison Organization Network) network will eliminate the “weak points” in the system of such interaction.

We will remind, in March of this year in the EU six countries created Cybernetic forces. An international rapid response team will be on permanent duty in different countries. She will be able to respond to a cyber attack at any time.

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