EU adopts regulation on terrorist content

The new legislation will apply to all providers providing services in the European Union.

The Council adopted on Tuesday, March 16, a decree against the “distribution of terrorist content online.”

In accordance with the innovation, the competent authorities of the member states gain the right to order service providers to remove terrorist content or disable access to it in all EU member states.

“Internet platforms will then have to remove or disable access to content within one hour,” — says the regulation.

The rule will apply to all providers providing services in the  — regardless of whether their headquarters are located in one of the Community states or not.

Clear definition of “terrorist content”

In addition, Brussels provides a clear definition of what constitutes “terrorist content” — in the interest of full respect for fundamental rights and freedoms. Finally, the new legislation includes effective remedies for both users whose content has been removed and service providers who can file a complaint.

The new rules should take effect from 2022.

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