Estonia intends to increase defense spending

is ready to use weapons against Russia, for example, during hostilities on the territory of Georgia or Ukraine, said Major General Martin Herem.

Estonian Major General Martin Herem, on the air of the Audis + program, called for an increase in defense spending to 6.5 percent of the country’s GDP in order to withstand the “attack of Russia” for a long time. Vikerraadio reported about it on Friday, January 22nd.

According to the general, remains the biggest threat to Estonia. Herem stressed that to repel a military attack, the state will need long-range artillery, a medium-range air defense system, naval defense systems, and an additional six brigades to the ground defense forces.

“The eastern neighbor has shown that under favorable conditions it is ready to use military force to achieve its goals, for example, in Georgia and Ukraine, and it is clear that Russia’s armament is disproportionately large. Therefore, should increase defense spending to 6.5% of GDP, although this unlikely, “Herem said on Audis +.

Now, according to Herem, the most important thing is to maintain the combat readiness of the existing units. Units must be protected, armored vehicles and vehicles must be in good condition, but communications and surveillance are also needed.

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