Erdogan named the opening date of the ghost town in Cyprus

Turkish President Tayyip Recep Erdogan announced the opening of the tourist quarter Varosha (Turkish name Marash) in the ghost town of Famagusta in Cyprus. The Turkish leader said this in Ankara at a joint press conference with the Prime Minister of the partially recognized Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus (TRNC) Ersin Tatar.

“From Thursday (October 8) residents of Northern Cyprus will be able to use the quay Marash. Marash must be fully open while respecting the right of ownership. The territory of Marasha certainly belongs to Northern Cyprus”, — Turkish leader named the date.

In the capital of Nicosia TRSK was concerned about the plans of Erdogan. According to the Cyprus newspaper “Phileleftheros”, the agency quotes, the reaction of the republic will be decisive. “An Appeal to the United Nations is now taken for granted,” the newspaper concluded.

According to journalists’ version, in this way, Erdogan tries to help Tatar at the forthcoming elections on October 11 for the post of leader of Turkish-Cypriots and disrupt the attempt to resume negotiations on the settlement of the situation on the island. Ankara claims that with the opening of Varosha beach the UN resolutions are not violated.

Earlier it was reported that the city plans to open for settlement and attraction of investments. According to the UN resolution of 1984, the city can be inhabited only by its original inhabitants.

Varosha, located near the port of Famagusta, was the main tourist resort of the island before it left and closed after the capture of Northern Cyprus by the Turks in 1974. Investment in trade and tourism in the city would have meant recognition of Turkish control, and the settlement plan for Varosha threatens to increase tensions with Cyprus and its Greek ally over the rights to drill natural gas in the Eastern Mediterranean.

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